About us

High Performance Polymer is established to provide engineered polymer solutions and help in furthering technological advances worldwide. 

Experienced Team

“High Performance Polymer provides industry with a source of active innovation”

Our Team have first-hand experience within the UK engineering industry, on the tools, operating CNC machines and within engineering design.

Utilsing this skill set we can provide accurate advice and support on a polymer solution for you or your business needs, whether this consists of fasteners, bespoke components or distribution of raw materials.

(Left - This image was sent to HPP from EPFL's Swiss Solar Boat team during testing. Our PEEK Screws enable the operation of the boats hydrofoil.)

Our aim

“Our aim is to give you, the High Performance Polymer customer, the most complete and innovative polymer solutions. So, no matter what your budget or industry sector, we can help you solve issues quickly and effectively.”