HPLC Tubing

HPLC tubing, also known as capillary or chromatographic tubing, is a critical component of HPLC systems. It functions as a conduit for the mobile phase and sample, enabling their flow throughout the chromatographic setup.

HPLC tubing is characterized by its small diameter, typically ranging from 1 mm to 5 mm or smaller. The narrow diameter allows for efficient liquid flow and reduces system volume, minimizing sample dilution and enhancing separation resolution.

The length of HPLC tubing varies based on system complexity and requirements, spanning from a few centimetres to several meters. Longer tubing lengths can increase separation efficiency and provide more time for interaction between the sample and stationary phase.

The inner surface of HPLC tubing must be smooth and inert to minimize interactions with the sample. A smooth surface reduces the potential for sample adsorption or carryover between runs, ensuring accurate and reproducible results.

HPLC tubing is connected to various system components, including injectors, columns, and detectors, using fittings or connectors. Secure and leak-free connections are vital to maintain system integrity and prevent sample loss or contamination.

The choice of HPLC tubing depends on factors such as analyte properties, required flow rate, and compatibility with the mobile phase and solvents. Tubing materials must exhibit chemical resistance, low adsorption characteristics, and mechanical stability to withstand system pressures and temperatures.

HPLC tubing is available in various materials, each with its own considerations and advantages in terms of chemical compatibility, thermal stability, and mechanical strength.

What Is PEEK And Why Do We Use It In Our HPLC Tubing

PEEK (polyether ether ketone) is a high-performance thermoplastic polymer with excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties. It is widely used in various industries, including HPLC, due to its desirable characteristics.

PEEK is employed in HPLC tubing primarily because of its chemical compatibility and inertness. As HPLC involves the separation and analysis of various compounds, it is essential to use tubing materials that do not react or interact with the sample components. PEEK exhibits exceptional resistance to a wide range of solvents, acids, bases, and other chemicals commonly used in HPLC. Its inert nature ensures that it does not introduce unwanted interactions or contaminations that could affect the accuracy or reliability of the analysis.

Additionally, PEEK tubing offers high mechanical strength and stability, allowing it to withstand the pressures and temperatures experienced during HPLC analysis. It maintains its dimensional integrity under the operational conditions of the system, ensuring consistent flow and reliable results.

PEEK also possesses good thermal stability, enabling its use in HPLC systems that operate at elevated temperatures. This property is particularly beneficial in applications such as reversed-phase chromatography, where higher temperatures can enhance separation efficiency. Furthermore, PEEK is a biocompatible material, making it suitable for use in HPLC applications involving biological samples or biomolecules.

We use two different types of PEEK for our tubing which are:

  • PEEK GF30

    PEEK GF30 refers to a grade of PEEK material that is reinforced with 30% glass fiber.

    PEEK GF30 sheets or plates have the same base PEEK polymer as PEEK 450G but with the added enhancement of glass fiber reinforcement. The glass fibers enhance the mechanical properties of PEEK, providing increased strength, stiffness, and dimensional stability.

    PEEK GF30 sheets retain the other desirable properties of PEEK, such as high temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and low friction coefficient.

    These sheets are commonly used in applications where improved mechanical performance, wear resistance, and strength are required, such as automotive components, aerospace parts, electrical connectors, and industrial applications.


  • PEEK 450G

    PEEK 450G refers to a specific grade of PEEK material. The "450G" designation signifies a standard, unfilled grade of PEEK manufactured by Victrex. PEEK 450G sheets or plates are composed solely of PEEK polymer without any reinforcement materials like glass fibers or carbon fibers. These sheets offer the inherent properties of PEEK, including high temperature resistance, excellent mechanical strength, chemical resistance, low friction coefficient, and dimensional stability.

    PEEK 450G sheets are typically available in various thicknesses and sizes to suit different application requirements.

    They find applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical, and more, where the outstanding properties of PEEK are beneficial.

We use these two types of PEEK due to the enhanced qualities they have over standard PEEK meaning that our tubing is more effective in the HPLC application. These Benefits are:

  • Enhanced Purity

    Victrex 450g PEEK undergoes stringent manufacturing processes and quality controls, resulting in higher purity levels compared to generic PEEK. This enhanced purity reduces the risk of impurities and contaminants, ensuring better performance and minimizing interference with samples or processes.

  • Improved Mechanical Properties

    Victrex 450g PEEK offers enhanced mechanical strength, stiffness, and toughness compared to standard PEEK. These improvements can result in better resistance to stress, cracking, and vibration, ensuring reliable performance in demanding applications.

  • Optimized Chemical Resistance

    Victrex 450g PEEK exhibits superior chemical resistance compared to generic PEEK. It may provide better resistance to a wide range of solvents, acids, bases, and other aggressive chemicals, ensuring long-term stability and reliability in harsh chemical environments.

  • Enhanced Dimensional Stability

    Victrex 450g PEEK offers improved dimensional stability, maintaining its shape and dimensions even under high temperatures or prolonged use. This enhanced stability contributes to tighter tolerances, better sealing, and improved overall performance in critical applications.

  • Tailored Formulation

    Victrex 450g PEEK has specific modifications or formulation adjustments to enhance certain properties based on targeted applications. These modifications could be related to thermal stability, wear resistance, electrical conductivity, or other performance parameters, resulting in a more optimized material for specific use cases.

Victrex PEEK 450G Data Sheet

Our PEEK 450G Sheets are manufactured exclusively from Victrex PEEK 450G. Click on the link below to see our material data sheet.

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